How are multiple websites stored?

  • Answered
In what folders do I store multiple websites. Assuming it is public_html , do I have a separate folder for each domain and should there be any other miscellaneous files in public_html?
Hello Vb111, For a Business account, multiple websites are stored in folders within the public_html folder. The structures are created automatically, each time you add an add-on domain, then the folder is created that will contain that website. The primary domain (the website URL you gave when ordering the account) files would all be in the root of the public_html. For example: public_html public_html/add_on_domain1/ public_html/ad_on_domain2/ Note that ALL website files go into the public_html. The root of public_html would contain the primary domain. Anytime you create an add-on domain (Adding Add-on Domains in the Cpanel) the subfolder created is typically based on the domain name that you add. You have control over the name of the folder when you create the add-on domain. There are also subdomains where you are not using a distinct (registered) domain name. Instead, the domain name could be something like: In this case, the subdomain is simply a folder under the public_html. The main difference being that you're not using an add-on domain name. A subdomain is often referenced in this format: The add-on domain and subdomain are two different ways that you will see multiple websites stored within a business server account. If you have a VPS or Dedicated server account, then you will have the ability to create multiple cpanel accounts (that can also have add-on domains and subdomains). I hope this provides the information that you need! If you need any further explanation, please let us know! Regards, Arnel C.