installing wordpress on multiple sites

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I already installed wordpress for a sub-site ( I am trying to install wordpress to run my main site ( but so far I've been unsuccessful. I suspect it is because of the other wordpress install but I don't know what to do.
I'd appreciate your help.
Thank you!
Hello sandi,

I see you are getting a 'Database Connection Error' when trying to access your main site. I checked the wp-config file to see which database it is trying to connect to. The database referenced in that file does not currently exist in your cPanel. I also noticed that you are at the 2 database limit for your type of account. This means that you would need to either upgrade or remove one of the other databases in order to add the new one.

I know one of the other databases is for your Wordpress addon site, but I am unsure what the other one is for. If you no longer need that one you can delete it and then both Wordpress sites will run. be CERTAIN you do not need the other one before deleting, however.

Best Regards,
Scott M