Owncloud Connection Issue

  • Answered
I've installed Owncloud from the cpanel apps. Everything looks all setup correctly, but it is not possible to sync using my desktop, ipad, or iPhone apps. I think it may be an issue in the backend with the apaches handler or maybe even WebDAV.

It gives me a trying to connect/successfully connected message and then. . . .

It gives error 301:
Remote folder clientsync creation failed with error 301.
An ownCloud connection could not be established. Please check again

It looks like Owncloud was update end of last month, so maybe something changed?

I can log directly in through my browser with no problem and when I plug in the Website.com/owncloud/remote.php/WebDAV or
owncloud.website.com/remote.php/WebDAV I can login with no issues at all.

so I definitely think it's backend related somehow. Any ideas?
Hello nekobaby, We would need a bit more information on how you are trying to connect. Are you trying to connect via https? If so, do you have an SSL purchased and installed for your domain already? You can find more information and support for owncloud within their community. They can be found at http://forum.owncloud.org/ Best Regards, Scott M