Issues with Access to a File

  • Answered
We're having difficulty getting a wordpress theme (we purchased) to work properly. We've installed it on a separate server on a dev site and it works perfectly fine whereas the live site is having difficulties.

The theme file references a JS file called jquery.cookie.js. Unfortunately, when its named this way, the website leads to a 404 page causing us problems. But if I rename it to jquery.cook.js it works but the theme doesn't work as perfectly.

Is there a setting on the server that prevents this file from being viewed?
Hello CourtneyScott, and thanks for your question. It looks like when the file is called jquery.cookie.js it is triggering a ModSecurity rule and causing a 406 error, which then in turns causes WordPress to trigger a 404 error not found page. I have gone ahead and disabled the specific ModSecurity rule for you 950004 which was causing these errors. In the future if you start encountering similar issues like this again, you can read my article on either how to disable ModSecurity for a domain to completely turn off ModSecurity for a domain. Or you can read my article on how to find and disable specific ModSecurity rules to complete the same steps that I took to get this working for you. Please let us know if you have any other questions. - Jacob