How can I set up a dev environment?

  • Answered
I want to have a copy of the site that I am able to test changes on before I push them to the public site. How would I do this?
Thank you for your question nolanatnameless! You can copy your files and your database to a subdomain and make a duplicate of your site. I'm not sure what kind of site you have but the instructions for WordPress and Drupal at the following links. 308: Making a duplicate Drupal test site Making a duplicate WordPress site for testing Moving other websites are the same steps as the WordPress and Drupal instructions. If you are developing on DreamWeaver or another local code editor, you can upload the site to a test subdomain to see how it works before uploading to your domain. The following is a tutorial on how to create a subdomain. How do I create a subdomain in my control panel (cpanel)? Hope this helps! Best Regards, James R