PHP Sendmail via External Mail Server

  • Answered
My site is on a shared linux server. PHP sendmail is working fine from the website currently, but the emails are originating from the shared server address. I would like to use an external mail server to pass the emails through. It looks like PHP mail on linux does not offer this option by default. Are there other options available to me on a shared linux server? Is the PEAR mail package available for use on a shared server?
Hello launchnest, and thanks for your question. Typically when trying to use an external SMTP mail server we would recommend using the PHP phpMailer class. That link has full information on how to set it up. Alternatively under the Software/Services section of cPanel you can click on PHP PEAR Packages and I believe Net_SMTP is the package you would be looking for. Please let us know if you had any troubles at all getting phpMailer to work, or if you had any further questions at all. - Jacob