form data to email

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I am trying to make a form work that I created in dreamweaver (send form data to me in an email). I have uploaded the html page with the form and also the php page with a cgi script that I copied and pasted. I contacted an in motion hosting support rep a couple of days ago who said that the form seems to be working from his end and that maybe it was my email service provider blocking the email. I contacted them and they said that's not the case.

Hello greenDaf, and thanks for your question. I see from your account notes the same thing you're mentioning here. I do also see that the deliveries have been successfully leaving our mail server and getting delivered to Comcast's server to your account. I do see one instance from today at around 8:46AM PST that a message was deferred being sent to your account, but then 15 minutes later when our server attempted to deliver the message again it was successful. Because the messages are being sent from a server-side script, it's possible that they are ending up at your Comcast account flagged as spam. So please review your spam or junk folders to see if they've possibly ended up there. You should be able to add the sending email address from our server to your Comcast account's contacts to have future messages bypass being caught for spam. If you're still having issues for some reason seeing the messages in your Comcast account, I might also recommend updating the email address in your PHP script to instead send to an email account that you create on our server. Then you can simply check that email account via webmail to review the messages sent from your website. Please let us know if you have any further questions at all. - Jacob