Multiple product part/sku numbers

  • Answered
In the DATA section of for each of my products I have an entry line for "product/SKU number. However, many products have a choice of color and/or size. Of course, my manufacturers also use different part numbers for different colors/sizes.

I have to imagine that OpenCart has a way to handle this but I have not found it.

Please advise.
Hello simonbk, and thanks for your question. OpenCart does allow you to set options such as colors for your different products. You can read our guide on adding options to products in OpenCart for an in-depth review of how to accomplish that. However in regards to having OpenCart handle multiple product part number or SKU numbers for those different variations, I believe you would need to setup the products separately. For instance have a Small Red T-Shirt product as well as a different Medium Red T-Shirt product and so on. It looks like you might also have some luck using a multiple SKU OpenCart extension, if you didn't want to separate out your products.. Please let us know if you have any other questions! - Jacob