Problems with FTP, not all files uploading correctly.

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Having problems with both html pages and images that have been uploaded using FTP that do not display correctly. Not every file, but enough to cause a problem, 10% to 30% of files on some uploads. Some pages come up on blank (just a white page). For a some images, the message shown when an image is requested if "this image can not be displayed because it contains errors". The problem files show up in filemanager, just don't display on website. I have tried using both Filzilla and ws_ftp FTP programs, with similar results. It is not every file that it happens with. It is not th eimage or html document. Most times if I re-up the same file again by FTP it displays just fine. It just seems to be random. I tried zipping all my files and then using the filemamanger in Cpanel to unzip them. Most files were there, but still have the same problem of random files having same error message. It seems there is a problem transferring the files. Only time I was able to upload successfully 100% was with Cpanel fileupload one at a time, very time consuming. Very frustrating. Never had this problem with previous host using ws_ftp. Can anyone help.
Thank you for your question rwcar4! This happens when the file format becomes corrupted during transit. If you were to download the same file from the server to your local computer and look it, the file will show an invalid file format on your local computer also. In your ftp program, change the file transfer type to Binary. This should resolve the problem. We also have an article on this at the following link.Go to transfers file types the binary mode instead of ASCIII. File corruption during ftp transfer Best regards, James R