How to create a duplicate Drupal site on a subdomain?

  • Answered
I have developed my site using Drupal 7 and would like to create a subdomain named "stage" where I can copy the main site and test new development. I have found a resource explaining how to do this for a Wordpress site here:

Is there a similar resource for duplicating a Drupal site for test?

I have tried adapting the instructions for my site but have been unsuccessful in the setup (i.e. the site is not recognized). I followed the instructions for creating the new subdomain and copying files there, along with setting up a new database. One point of confusion I have is how to handle the settings.php file for the main site. Where to I copy that to for the subdomain site, and are the only changes required to update the database info in it?
Thank you four your questions JacobH! I tried finding an article on this; however, you are correct, there is no article. So in response, I wrote a step by step article for you at the following link. 308: Making a duplicate Drupal test site I you have any issues with the article please use the "Your Opinion Matters!" feedback form and we can edit it accordingly. Thanks for letting us know we needed the article. Regards, James R