Filezilla fails with MSLD Command

  • Answered
I am attempting to use Filezilla to connect to my website. the connection seems to be established, but the connection times out when the MLSD command is issued, and fails to retrieve the directory listing. I am connected through a commercial VPN, since I have no private internet connection.
On another note, when attempting to connect through FTP using explicit TLS, I get the error:
GnuTLS error -110: The TLS connection was non-properly terminated.
Error: Transfer connection interrupted: ECONNABORTED - Connection aborted

Thank you for your question KyleYoung101! If you are connecting over a TLS connection, make sure you are using the SSL host. For example, the non SSL host will be like the following. The SSL connection on a shared server will use something similar to the following. If you don't use the SSL host on a TLS connection, you will have connection issues. Hope this helps. Regards, James R