Delete mistake from ftp

  • Answered
I was wondering if there is a way to retrieve files which were deleted by mistake from our ftp.

Hello Litan, Our automated backups run every 24-36 hours, so if you have just recently accidentally deleted some files via FTP, you'll want to quickly get in a verified support request to have them restored from our backups. You can submit a verified support request by simply sending an email to ([email protected]), being sure to include either the last 4 digits of the credit card on file, or your current AMP password for verification purposes. Please be sure to include a list of the files or directories you need restored, and if you would like for them to be restored to their original location, or to a temporary holding place so that you can review them yourself. If it's been longer that 24 hours, there is the possibility that the files you're looking for have been overwritten by a more recent backup. If this is the case you could attempt to recover some lost pages from Google's cache of your website. The following example would be if your domain name was and the file you were missing was info.htm:
  1. Go to
  2. In the search box enter in:

    Then hit the magnifying glass to search for that page.

  3. Hover your mouse to the far-right of the search result that comes up, and then either hover or click on the >> icon to see a screenshot of that page
  4. At the top of that screenshot, click on the Cached link.
  5. You can now hit Ctrl-U in your web browser to view the HTML source of that page. You'd want to copy all of that and place it in a new HTML file. But you do want to make sure that you remove the Google cache section at the top of the code, which is usually about the first 3 lines.
As an alternative you could also try to directly look at the Google cache of this example page by entering the following URL into your web browser: Let us know if you have any further question. - Jacob