public_html_hacked directory

  • Answered
There's a directory called 'public_html_hacked' on my account. May I delete the files in that directory? I don't want to mess things up but I also don't want unused files on my account.

Hello EvaMoon, and thanks for your question. Looking at your account notes, it looks like your account did get hacked back in April which is when those files in the /public_html_hacked/ directory are from. If you've reviewed everything and no longer need access to any of the file/directories in there then it should be fine to go ahead and delete. Everything that is live on your website right now is just getting pulled from the main /public_html/ directory. So if nothing is missing from your site then it shouldn't do any harm removing the unused files in the /public_html_hacked/ directory. Please let us know if you have any further questions at all. - Jacob