Drupal 7 : Main menu is a list - not tabs

  • Answered
Using Bartik theme, the main menu is a list in the upper right of the header region. How can the main menu be displayed as a tabbed horizontal menu along the bottom of the header region ?
Hello jwf3148, By default, the Bartik theme automatically generates a tab menu item for a content item (article, page, etc) when that item has the main menu selected as its 'Parent Item'. The tabbed area is not part of the header area itself. The area where you see the list of menu items in the upper right is the header area. It is a bit confusing, but you can see the layout of the content blocks for the Bartik theme here: Resoultion
  1. You can disable the list menu you see by going to the Structure -> Blocks page in your Drupal 7 dashboard. From there, check out the header area and set the dropdown for the main menu item to -None-.
  2. Since the menu items from the header area were not displayed as tabs, it was not the 'Main Menu' that was displaying, but another menu. To have the items display in the main menu and as tabs, you will want to ensure each content type is allowed to display in the Main Menu. Go to Structure -> Content Types and click Edit for each content type. From there, click on Menu Settings and ensure the Main Menu is selected among the Available Menus list.
  3. Next you will want to check the menu items on the Main Menu and ensure you have each page enabled for it. You can do that by going to Structure -> Menus. Click on List Links for the Main Menu row and ensure each page has the Enabled checkbox selected.
Best Regards, Scott M