Can I generate third-party SSL without using your certificate code?

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I requested CSR in your admin and received the SSL certificate code request.

I sent it to NetworkSolutions and got unhelpful reply that was pointing me to their administration.

In their administration I can re-issue the certificate by entering the name, address etc., and I can also download the ZIP certificate file... BUT there's no place for the request code you sent me.

Reply from InMotion:
In order to install the SSL we will need the private key for the certificate or a certificate generated with the CSR we used.

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Hello halladays_com,

I see that you resolved the question with our Live Support, but I will also answer here for anyone else that may have the same issue.

We may install any third party certificate, however it will need to be generated from the third party site using the CSR from our site. The CSR has server specific information that is vital to the proper function of the SSL.

Best Regards,
Scott M