spam for request form

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I have above page, but quite often, receiving spam via, just wondering where they from, how to prevent them.

The following is a example email,

[email protected]
7:26 AM (14 hours ago)

to admin
First name: fqAwnhjPecxlBmDg
Last name: snpXZeJFxJK
Phone: EcpCulyVyF
E-mail: zmKrMFegDQhrWrZQH
Comments: Your cash is being counted lexapro online canada claims and some medical supply claims electronically on behalf of PSHCP plan members.


Thank you for your question grandvilla! We checked the site url you gave us. The Contact form on that page has no captcha or validating question, allowing a spam bot to fill out the form freely. You may want to consider using a different contact form in the builder. Here is a link with information on creating a contact form in the builder. Creating an advanced contact form in Premium Web Builder You can also try to add a validating question. For example, you can include a questions that requires a certain answer. Like, is ice hot or cold. This will prevent a spam bot from submitting the form. If you believe the spam is not coming from your contact form, Our tech support staff will need to look into this. Please contact support either by chat, phone (1-888-321-4678 ext2), or by email ([email protected]) with a copy of the spam email you received with the headers included in it. They will need account information like the domain on the account or the cpanel username. When tech support gets the spam email, they can check the logs for any issues. Regards James R