how can I redirect the main domain to a subfolder

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I have a chinese folder in chinese characters
I want to point visitors to this folder

so I have this domain (punycodename) :
I have a folder in my domain in chinese letters : ???com

I want that all visitors to point to that folder
instead of the main domain so
I dont need
instread I need http://???com/

how to get this using .htaccess ?

thanks in advance
Hello SorinNemes,

I am not quite understanding what it is you are trying to do. It sounds as if you are wanting to have the domain name display as http://???com in the address bar.

That is not possible as non-english letters are not allowed for domain names on the server, which would have to be done for you to have the chinese domain as an addon or parked domain. To do that, you would need an official domain name of ???.com.

Best Regards,
Scott M.