Migrated add-on not working

  • Answered
I created an add-on domain, earlymusiccolorado.org, migrated the files and changed the nameservers on the domain. Now that the nameservers are changed the website is no longer available. The cPanel shows the add-on domain. The files are in the earlymusiccolorado.org folder that was created. Whois shows the nameservers as NS.INMOTIONHOSTING.COM and NS2.INMOTIONHOSTING.COM . What did I miss?
Hello HappyHour,

I checked and your nameservers and addon configuration is correct. It appears it may simply be propagation time. Whenever nameservers are changed, there is a 4-24 hours propagation window where all DNS servers around the globe need to update with the new information. This is also true when a domain is added to a server for the first time.

Although there are times when the domain will show up very quickly, there is nothing to worry about within the first 24 hours as this process takes place.

Best Regards,
Scott M