Migrating to an add-on domain

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We currently have one website hosted on InMotion and another on Sandwich.net. We would like to move the website on Sandwich to InMotion with minimal disruption. The files are ready to upload. If I understand correctly, when you add an add-on domain a folder is automatically created in public_html for the website files. Can the user create that folder, upload the files and then add the add-on? What would be the best way to proceed?

Thank you.
Hello HappyHour, When you move a website from one host to another, if you're only worried about website traffic (as opposed to both email and website traffic), then you need concentrate on both the the domain name and website files for the move. To minimize disruption, it's suggested that you first stop outside input to your website for a day or two - this will help save you time having to do any type of database synchronization if you have a database for accepting data. Also, if you have people posting, then it save you time having to synchronize their posts between the two hosts. When you move the files into add-on domain, yes, creating an add-on domain AUTOMATICALLY creates a folder based on the name you specify. I'll give you an example: If you have a primary domain with hosting already, and you want bring the domain over into an add-on domain, then path will look something like this: /public_html/add-ondomain.com/ The PUBLIC_HTML folder houses all of the web content. You will need to add the add-on domain FIRST, then you need to add your website files into the folder that is created by the add-on domain. Once you have all the files in place, you can then begin the change of the name servers to point to our hosting service. During the transition, both sites should remain up until the name servers complete their change. This will ensure that you have the least disruption because the user will not see the site down. Propagation of the name server or DNS change typically requires up 24 hours. Once it is complete, then you can take down the old site and your customers should see the new site running. If you're trying to prevent disruption of email, this is a little more complex, because you will need setup a MX record change and also setup the mail accounts on our end in order to receive mail when that change takes place. Here's reference information for the transfer of the domain: Migrating website If you have any further questions, please contact technical support or leave a comment at the bottom of the page. Regards, Arnel C.