I'm unable to connect to MySQL 5.1 from my workbench 8.0, getting 'handshake' error

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i cant connecct my sql work bench with db why
MySQL Workbench connection blocked

I screwed up with username and/or password while trying to connect to our database with MySQL Workbench and now my host machine got blocked. I should run mysqladmin flush-hosts command, but I can't find any tool for that. So, how can I flush hosts to enable access again?

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John-Paul B
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Hello Praveen,

Thank you for contacting us about issues connecting to MySQL. Here is a link to our guide on setting up a Remote MySQL Database Connection. Ensure you have added your IP address to the firewall.

Also, make sure your database user is assigned to the database.

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Hello BlueSaga, Thank you for your question. There is no hard limit for failed database connection attempts. I recommend ensuring the connecting server's IP address is added to Remote MySQL in cPanel. This allows the connection through the firewall. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, -John-Paul