linking a blog to my wordpress website

  • Answered
I am looking for instructions on how to link a blog to my wordpress site. The more step by step i can get this, the better.... Just a little new to all this : )
Hi sunny58, I'm more than happy to help with your question, however I'm a little confused. Your question specifically was: How do I link a blog to my wordpress site? Technically, a Wordpress site can be either a blog, a standard website, an online store, and much more. Typically however, most people use WordPress for blogging. So, I'm not sure exactly what you are referring to by linking a blog to your WordPress site. If you can respond with more exact details, for example URLs / website addresses or anything else more specific, I'll be more than happy to review further. You can post a comment at the bottom of this page with the addition information. How do I get started using Wordpress? If by chance you're looking for a how to tutorial series on using WordPress, I suggest taking a look at our WordPress Education channel. Again, more than happy to help if you can respond back with a few more details. Thanks! - Brad