account level filtering

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If I am getting spam from;
[email protected] (and the numbers at the end changes, ex: 45 changes to a 28, etc) how do I apply an account level filter that will cover "anyaddressee", "differentsubdomains" and different numbers before the .com?

Would the following work and are wildcards (*)allowed? or will the wild card trigger all mail being flagged as spam and auto deleted, if enabled?

*.vpsszly*.com or just "vpsslzy"
Hello WebGuy,

If you are using the Account Level Filtering tool, you can set the filter to look for 'vpsslzy'. To do that, set the filter to look at the 'From' and set it to 'Contains', then set it to look for the piece of the domain that is consistent, in this case 'vpsslzy'.

This way it will not matter which account, subdoamin, or tailing number they use, it will catch it for you.

Best Regards,
Scott M