Get Php extension for SQLite

  • Answered
I want to use the SQLite-Extension for PHP. I have un-commented the following lines in my php.ini file


That did not work so I also un-commented these

Still no luck. The code is looking for files in the php/ext folder. I see that folder is empty. Where can I load the necessary files from and which ones do I need.
Hello Tom_c,

In looking at your php.ini file, you have the php extension directory set to php/ext under your own account, which has no extensions under it. The default server php extension setting is commented out, but that is where the extensions live. The default extension directory is "bin/ls -la /usr/local/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20060613".

Normally you would need to uncomment the server default extension directory setting in order to access the extensions, but our AHS Tier 2 tech went ahead and copied the extensions from the server to your php/ext directory. So now, it should work either way.

The AHS Tier 2 tech also gave you a default server php.ini for reference (named php.ini.server) so you can compare any other settings should the need arise.

Best Regards,
Scott M