RSS in Premium Web Builder

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In Premium Website Builder:
I want to "read" several inputs from my industry's professional standards websites, search for keywords, and republish on my website the content so that there is always an added value and currency of information on my site. I think taking RSS feeds from the "feeder" sites would work.
1)How do I install an RSS "reader"?
2)Can I search the feed for keywords?
3)Can I create a panel on my home page to republish the headlines so my visitors can click through to the referenced information?
Hello JamesBJordan,

The builder does not do RSS feeds nor does it have the code to act as an aggregator to collect feed information from your subscriptions.

You can, however, install an RSS feed aggregator such as Gregarius, which is a stand alone program. Once installed into your account, you will simply create a link to its main page by using the External Page in Step 3 of the builder. This will add it to your menu as if it was a normal part of the site.

Best Regards,
Scott M