connection to database

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Twice in the past three days, when I attempted to view my web site in a browser, the browser eventually failed to load the site and gave "unable to connect to server" messages. Other times the messages will be: "unable to establish a connection to the database. Same issue using Safari, Firefox, and Opera.

On both occasions I also experienced problems attempting to log in to my control panel. Similar symptom - the login seemed to "hang". Both times the issues seemed to go away after an hour or so.
Hello SilentSam, I am not sure what your question is. Are you asking how to connect to a database? If so, please take a look at the information here: Remote Database Connection MySQL connect with PhP If you are trying to connect and having issues, I will need a bit more information such as all the connection variables (servername, database username, databasename, and database user password). You can send the specific information to [email protected] Be sure to validate your account with either the last 4 digits of the credit card on file, or the current Account Management Panel (AMP) password. As we do not actively monitor that address, be sure to leave a comment below so we know the information was sent. Best Regards, Scott M