vps ssl cert

  • Answered
How does the ssl cert generation work within the WHM? Is it a self signed certificate? Can I install any certificate purchased elsewhere on my server?
Hi ellipti6, Within WHM, you can install either a self signed ssl certificate, or you can install one that you've purchased. Keep in mind the following: 1. If you would like, InMotion Hosting can install an ssl certificate for you. 2. If you would like to install an ssl yourself, you'll need to have root access to your server, and you may need to request we configure an additional IP address if you will have more than one ssl certificate on the same server. How does the ssl cert generation work within the WHM? If you log into WHM as root, click the Generate a SSL Certificate and Signing Request link in the left menu. At this point, fill out the details on the page and click Create. At this point, it will give you a CSR that you can give to a certificate authority (ssl provider), which they will use to create the SSL certificate. It will also give you a self signed certificate, in case that's what you wanted. You would then use the Install a SSL Certificate and Setup the Domain link in the left menu to install the SSL. I hope this helps answer your question. If we can help any further, just let us know! Thanks, - Brad