Multi-subdomain SSL on Shared Server

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I just saw this question asked before ( and I have a similar scenario. However, I don't have true subdomains, they are all redirected to the main domain by my htaccess file. However, since the SSL is read before the htaccess file, browsers shows the security warning, which I don't want. I am using shared serving (for now) as well. Would I need multiple SSLs on my shared server as well??

I've talked with a rep and he mentioned there is no multi-(sub)domain SSL cert available through inmotion and I need to get a 3rd party cert. I was looking at ( SSL Wildcard option since it allows for multi-subdomain under a single domain. Would that work for my case? Keep in mind I am using shared server for now, but will most likely be migrating to VPS or dedicated later.


Hi Scott,

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Sorry if I am a bit hard-headed, but you mentioned shared servers are limited to 1 SSL per cpanel, but the 3rd party (wildcard) SSL I provided should be 1 SSL. Why would that not work? I mean I will be moving to VPS soon, but in meantime I want to get this working...

Hello hiya83,

Unfortunately, due to the setup of multiple SSLs, even the wildcards cannot be used on the shared servers. They do require a VPS or Dedicated server to be installed and used. Shared servers are limited to one SSL per cpanel.

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