Performance Tuning

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I asked this question in chat and got told there is no reason for it.
Does anyone know if there is any point to the question asked when you create a site about what type of site you will be hosting. (Mostly images and video, just html, computation based site).

Presumably there is some servers that are tuned more for higher speeds and some that are tuned for larger drive access.

How can I change this?
Originally I thought I would be hosting images and video and now it is more just network speed and SQL access that is more important.
Hello Ben Ro,

The question is moot if you are intent on staying on a shared server. If you are willing to consider VPS or Dedicated hosting, then sites that are going to be heavy with video, etc may benefit from starting out on an advanced platform instead of having to move over later. These are able to handle heavier loads for the user.
All servers of the same type are initially geared the same. All shared are alike, all VPS 1000s are alike, etc. VPS and Dedicateds can be customized further depending on your needs.

Best Regards,
Scott M