.htaccess file doesn't seem to work

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Hi, on my local development platform, my .htaccess file generated by Wordpress (and edited by me), restricts people from entering, for example, www.mysite.com/wp-config.php. It will show an "Access Forbidden" error 403. Same thing if someone tries to type www.mysite.com/[ - it protects against potentially malcioous acvitity.

As soon as I uploaded my WP installation to InMotion server, the .htaccess file seems to stop working. If I visit any of the 2 example URLs above on my live InMotion site, I will get Wordpress's default 404 error page - instead of the server's access forbidden page. Does InMotion block my htaccess file or is it something else? Note: the file structure is exactly the same from local to production servers.
Hello accessgroup,

Our servers are most definitely designed to use your custom htaccess files in order to override the default. This is so you can customize your site to perform the way you want it to.

.htaccess files, however, can be tricky and in the majority of cases, performance can be related to things as simple as the order of the commands.

You may want to check the behavior by doing testing with the individual bits of code to ensure they work independently, then place them together to find out which pieces are conflicting with each other.

Best Regards,
Scott M