Editing posts using HTML mode doesn't keep formatting..

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In editing Wordpress (3.4.1) posts and pages, I prefer doing it in HTML format if possible, though I can do it manually. What I'm finding is that editing in HTML mode does not save the formatting or breaks between paragraphs. I can do it in text mode, and put or whatnot, and if I do not go back and use the HTML editor, it will look okay. But it's as if the moment I switch to viewing the code in HTML mode (it deletes all spacing between paragraphs..it actually removes in the text and replaces it with non-breaking spaces.)

What's up with that? Is there some other editor or other way to get it to keep the HTML formatting when I edit a page/post in HTML mode. The only alternative seems to be to edit it in Dreamweaver, then copy and past the raw text into WP..and don't dare switch to HTML mode.
Hello CPL,

If you're working in HTML you will need to specifically state your breaks. You can do that with HTML code- the HTML break code will manually put in the breaks for you (in the HTML editor). If you switch to text editing in Wordpress and you haven't saved your changes in html or declared your line breaks, Wordpress interprets it as if there were no breaks present.

So just add the breaks in code, and you should be good. Hope that helps to clarify the issue!

If you have any further questions, please contact technical support or leave a comment at the bottom of the page.


Arnel C.