file downloads not working in Firefox

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We are experiencing issues with trying to download files from our website within the firefox web browser. The downloads worked fine until recently before on firefox. At the same rate, we can download files on IE, Chrome and any other browser.

The files in question are located on the motor detailed pages. When a person clicks on either the solidworks or autocad link, the resulting page is code instead of the dialog box that is suppose to come up asking if you want to save or open said file.

Please help.


We are not receiving any error messages, only a page that comes up with code.

A visitor to our website found the problem this morning. I had checked the links last week, and all was working fine.

We are using Dreamweaver 4.0

I tried other computers running both firefox and IE and the same issue is there as well.
Hello Hpevs,

It appears that Firefox has recently updated, or in this case removed the definition for that file type. I'm seeing to file extensions that are not very common: .sldprt and .edrw. What's happening is that the Firefox browser is not able to identify the file type and therefore attempting to open it like a text file. This is unfortunately not a server-side issue that we can fix here. Our recommendation is to either contact Mozilla and/or put both of those files into ZIP files and then re-link them. The ZIP file will definitely load from any of the browser types. My apologies on not being to directly correct the Firefox browser behavior, but Mozilla will better able to give you a solution.

If you have any further questions, please contact technical support or leave a comment at the bottom of the page.


Arnel C.