Joomla site is not getting extracted completely after taking backup by using Kickstart. Why?

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Dear All,
Iam using Xampp1.7.1, Joomla1.5.25, Akeeba3.4.3 Core, Kickstart 3.5.1 Core and OS is Windows XP. I took the backup of my site and extracted it on other server. It worked well. Then I made lots of update to the site and took backup and extracted it again, site was shown but no updates were shown on the site. Iam assuming that my site was partially extarcted. How to get complete updated site, eveytime I update it.

Thanking you all in advance.

Hello Shelley, To ensure you get the full site uploaded to the server, I would suggest doing it by FTP. This way you can do it in pieces if you need to so you can see that all files are getting uploaded. A compressed files should work, but if you are having issues with it, FTP is the way to go. Best Regards, Scott M