How to host OpenCart Downloadable Products on a different server

  • Answered
i set up the open cart in one host , and want to upload the downloadable product in other host and link them to my product how to do it ! i know i can create a downloadable product in Catalog > Downloads , i can upload a file and i can add the link of them in create a product , and i don't know how to add the link of download in the other host file
Hi p.zehfroush, To confirm, you want to sell a downloadable product in OpenCart, but you want to host that file on a different server other than your OpenCart server? Can you give a few details as to why exactly you're doing this? The reason I ask is that OpenCart by default was not setup to work in this way. If the file is not on your server, then in reality, you're simply selling a link to the file and not the file itself. When you host the file locally, OpenCart can monitor how many times someone downloads a file, and can prevent access from someone obtaining a link to the file and trying to download it for free. If you host the file remotely, OpenCart cannot prevent others from downloading the file for free. Again, if you can provide a few more details as to why you want to host the file remotely, we'll be more than happy to review further. Feel free to post any further details in the comments at the bottom of this page. Thanks, - Brad