Creating moodle data directory

  • Answered

I'm trying to install moodle and getting into a point where Data directory need to be created/placed inside the web root.
Here are some info.

Moodle directory: /home/wordsu5/public_html/training

Data directory: /home/wordsu5/moodledata
(directory permission should be 0777)

Could you please help me install it?

Hello Wordsup, If you are installing the Moodle via the Fantastico instllation tool found in your cPanel, that directory is automatically created for you during the install. I would recommend this method if it is the proper version as it handles all the details in the back end. In my test installation, the folder was created under my main moodle install directory and named uploaddata instead of moodledata, but that is quite OK, you can name/rename it anything you like. If you are performing a manual install, simply create the new folder wherever you want it to be in your cPanel File Manager. I would place it within the same folder you installed Moodle in. Once you have created the folder, you can change the file permissions to 777. In your case I would create the moodledata directory at /home/wordsu5/public_html/training/moodledata If you have any further questions or concerns with the issue, feel free to reply here with a comment with more information. Thanks! - Scott M