FormMail alternative email scripts?

  • Answered
Is there a more robust FormMail script available than the one recommended in inmotion support center?

I used webformmailer.php with my previous host where you could specify the email format such as csv or text. The csv format is handy if you want to copy and paste into an excel template for a database.

As a note, I Googled FormMail php scrips where there are many to choose from but would prefer your recommendation for one that would go into the root directory and compatible with inmotion hositng.

Thank you in advance for your help.
Hello Fishfin, There are quire a few email scripts available on the web, some of them using the php mail function and some of them using SMTP Authentication. Besides FormMail, we most often recommend to users either using the php mail() function or phpMailer. FormMail is very commonly used because it is easy to setup and get started, you don't need to know any php. I linked above to both the php mail function and phpMailer, which are alternatives to FormMail. While they can send you the email in any format that you need (such as CSV), you would actually need to know PHP because you would actually have to write the code that organizes the data in a CSV format and then email it to you. Also, I don't have access to the webformmailer.php code, but have you tried using that form with your InMotion Hosting account? In summary, the scripts we are familiar (php mail() and phpMailer) can send you an email in CSV format, but you do need to know how to program in PHP in order to set it up. I hope this points you in the right direction! Thanks, - Brad