Why is order allow deny from all in my .htaccess file?

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I am finding this in some htaccess files that are on the server. Is this a standard setup in your htaccess files? I was not using the and on the previous host's server. Do I need it on yours? I only use the Order Deny/Allow directive when banning IP addresses.

Order Deny,Allow
Deny from all
Hi jeannies, When you are blocking IP addresses from your website, it is common to see:
Order Deny,Allow Deny from all
I actually had the opportunity not too long ago to learn more about "order allow,deny" vs. "order deny,allow", and the information I found may help answer your question. You can find more information about the allow / deny commands in your .htaccess file here: My .htaccess file is not blocking IP addresses correctly I hope that helps! Feel free to post any comments at the bottom of this page if I can help any further. Thanks! - Brad