DNS setting for Minecraft Server

  • Answered
Hi there we are running a minecraft server rented from a hosting company who have given us an IP address and port to login to the server. This is all great but I also have a .co.uk domain that represents the server and plan to have a website on that domain. I've already set the nameservers to point to my inmotion account and that all works fine.

My question is how would I adjust the DNS settings on my inmotion account to make it so players can login to the game using the domain name rather than the IP?

I've tried a few things but I'm stumped.
Hi mistmatrix, What is sounds like you will need to do is create a subdomain, such as minecraft.yourdomain.co.uk, and point that IP address to the IP address of your minecraft server. Create an A record to point to the IP of your minecraft server. The actual subdomain, such as minecraft.yourdomain.co.uk, will be created automatically when the A record is created. I hope this helps! Keep us updated if we can help any further. - Brad