Fixing max_user_connections exceeded

  • Answered
I am getting the message "User xxx already has more than 'max_user_connections' active. Is the user max_user_connections set to zero as a default and if not how can I change it? Is there another parameter I am missing?
Hi Wisar, The max_user_connections setting is by default set to 30. You can find more information on this here: Why do I get a max_user_connections error? If you are running a site that you have developed yourself, you'll want to be sure that you are closing your database connections after you have opened and used them (more information on this can be found in the link above). While the max_user_connections MySQL setting cannot be adjusted within our shared servers, if you are on a VPS or Dedicated server you can contact our Support Team for further help with adjusting this value. Thanks, - Brad