OpenCart error: undefined variable: column_remove in cart.tpl

  • Answered
when i add a product to my cart then visit caret for check out i have all this error script included with that product.. any one have any ideas? im using open cart i added retail universe theme to cart and since then as im building site and testing i get these errors..

2012-04-07 13:28:03 - PHP Notice: Undefined variable: column_remove in /home/ccwcig5/public_html/openct/upload/catalog/view/theme/RetailUniverse/template/checkout/cart.tpl on line 33
2012-04-07 13:28:03 - PHP Notice: Undefined variable: modules in /home/ccwcig5/public_html/openct/upload/catalog/view/theme/RetailUniverse/template/checkout/cart.tpl on line 83
2012-04-07 13:28:03 - PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/ccwcig5/public_html/openct/upload/catalog/view/theme/RetailUniverse/template/checkout/cart.tpl on line 83
Hi ccwcigarzar, I searched the web for the error messages you're receiving, and I found a few people with a similar issue: RetailUniverse - Ultimate OpenCart theme Spicylicious - Premium OpenCart theme From my reading, no one was able to resolve the issue at hand. What I recommend: 1. Ensure that the opencart theme you are using is being ran under the exact version of OpenCart it was designed for 2. I'm not sure if you are are running a custom theme, but if you are, I would double check the installtion steps and see if you by chance maybe missed a step. I hope this helps point you in the right direction. Thanks! - Brad