Connecting to MYSQL with ssl

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I have an external program that I use to build and edit my mysql databases. In the connection setup it has a couple of options for using ssl. In the Standard connection window if you select "Connect Using SSL" you get the options to set a key file, a certificate, and a ca cert.

The program has a Socket connection option that asked for the socket and the same ssl information. There is a third type of connection that uses SSH.
With this type of connection they ask for
SSH Host
SSH User
SSH Password
SSH Port

Are there options with in motion to make use of these additional connection types to make things more secure?
Hi kbata, In order to connect to a server securely using SSH, you'll need to be on a server that supports SSH.
VPS and Dedicated HostingSSH is Supported
Shared / Business HostingSSH is NOT Supported
SSH Settings Your SSH host will by your domain name, and your username and password will be the same as your cPanel's. SSH connections go over port 22. I hope this helps answer your question! If you were curious to learn more about SSH and Shell access, see our What is Shell Access? article. Thanks! - Brad