The server ... is using a security certificate that cannot be verified

  • Answered
Whenever I open Outlook 2010, I get the message: "The server you are connected to is using a security certificate that cannot be verified". Despite "installing" the certificate or saying 'yes' to continuing, the message reappears every time I start Outlook. I am using '' as the server and SSL with 993 Incoming and SSL with 465 Outgoing as suggested.
What can I do to stop this message?
Hi BobBeacon, From my pervious experience, if you are getting a warning in Outlook about your security certificate and you accept it, it will no longer prompt you with the warning. If it continues to however, it is generally related to one of two items: Issue 1. There is a problem with the SSL certificate I reviewed the SSL certificate on the server, and it does not expire until Dec 15th, 2014. The SSL is valid, so most likely it does not have to do with the actual certificate itself. Issue 2. You have more than one email account setup in Outlook, and not all share the same settings From previous experience, I've seen users have more than one account setup in Outlook, and not all of them are setup with the same settings. If you do have more than one account in Outlook connecting to this server, be sure they all share the same SSL settings. If either of the above two don't help resolve your issue, please post a comment on the bottom of this page with the EXACT error Outlook is giving you, and I'll be more than happy to review further. Thanks! - Brad