Why do some visitors get errors on my website?

  • Answered
<p>I successfully uploaded my web pages and several people have successbully visited and accessed my site. However, there are a few reports of people who are unable to access it. How can this be?</p>
Hello pretzel, I'm sorry you're having trouble with some people reaching your website. An intermittent issue such as this can be difficult to pinpoint since only some people are reporting an issue. There are quite a few things that could cause this:
  • Are the people who are unable to reach your site seeing any errors? If so, what errors are they seeing?
  • While researching this for you, I found that your site is password protected. Are the people who are unable to reach your site typing in the correct password?
  • Are the people who are unable to reach your site all running the same browser and version? Are the other people (who can reach your site) using a different browser or version? There are older browsers that some people still use that have trouble viewing newer sites.
  • Are the users who are not able to access your site utilizing a corporate internet connection (like a place of work). Many companies restrict internet access and will only allow employees to go to certain approved sites.
  • Can the people having trouble accessing your site run a ping/traceroute(tracert) test. This helps to identify any possible connection issues between the user and the server.
  • Please feel free to either update your questions or add a comment below to give us as many details as possible so that we can assist you further. Regards, Christi N.