What Access to Give to Web Developers to Setup

  • Answered

Can someone help with this advice please:

1. How to give access to my webdeveloper to set up / upload my website here without compromising my confidentiality and rights as owner?

2. What section should I give access to? AMP, C-Panel or others?

3. Do I have to give my password or create one for them?

Thanks for your help.

Tim S.
Hi Partha, Thanks for posting your question! I'm more than happy to assist you. Your developer will NOT need access to AMP. However, depending on the complexity of the work your developer is performing will determine what level of access they will need. At the minimum, they will need to have FTP access. You can create an FTP account for them from within cPanel. Also, if they will be working with Databases they may require access to cPanel to use phpMyAdmin. Here's an article on giving your developer access: Giving your developer the right access I hope this helps! If you need further assistance please feel free to contact us. Thanks! Tim S