How do I use HTTP headers for caching webpages?

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Hi, I would like to change server behaviors for http headers. I have no idea how to find these files though. I've found resources online that help me in figuring out how to do the coding, but have no idea where to put that information at( or in?). Is this related to "apache handlers"? or is there a way to directly accesss the .htaccess file and adjust the settings in there? How can I find what the server settings default is at?

thanks much in advance !!!!
Tim S.
Hi quignov, Thanks for posting your question. I'm more than happy to assist you today. Before I can offer support, I need to know what you are trying to do when modifying the http headers. Once I have this information, I can try to find a solution for you. You said you found resources for writing the code, can you send me a link to that? .htaccess files can be created and edited as you see fit and can be placed in any directory you want to have one. What default settings are you looking for exactly? ***UPDATE*** Since I've seen you want use use HTTP headers to control webpage caching, there's a great tutorial that may help you learn more about it: Caching Tutorial for Webmasters If you need further assistance please feel free to contact us. Thank you! Tim S