How to move our website files to new host?

  • Answered
I now have the go-ahead to purchase a VPS256 hosting package from InMotion, but have some questions about file and settings transfer.

First, our website currently houses just over 17Gb of data, 3 databases, and 40+ email accounts.

Is there a quicker way of transferring all our files to our new InMotion VPS account, other than downloading 17Gb of data from our current web host, then uploading it all to your servers? Do you offer some sort of file transfer service?

Also, do you have a similar service for transferring our databases and email accounts?

I am fully capable of doing all of this myself, just trying to see if there are quicker ways to get our multi-national website transferred and running on our new InMotion VPS.

Tim S.
Hi tdejony, Thanks for posting your questions. I'm more than happy to assist you today. Our systems administrators do provide website transfers on a case by case basis. I did want to make you aware that, at times there can be a fee associated with transferring websites due to the complexity and size. Did your previous host use cPanel? If your previous host used cPanel migrating your data is relatively simple. Here's a link to the article explaining how to do so: Migrating from a host that uses cPanel If you would like our systems administration team to review your current site to see if we can migrate it for you, we will need you to submit a request via email.We will need the following information pertaining to your previous host in order to review your site and determine whether we will be able to move it for you, and as well as any costs involved. *Please note that website transfers are generally handled by our overnight staff during off peak hours. Please submit the following information for each site that you wish to have moved: - FTP host name or IP - Control panel login URL - FTP and Control Panel user name(s) - FTP and Control Panel password(s) - Your InMotion Hosting username - Verification of either your original account password or the last four digits of your credit card You can email [email protected] your request to transfer your website after you have purchased your VPS and our systems team will be happy to assist you. I hope this answers your questions. If you need further assistance please feel free to contact us. Thanks! Tim S