PHP Update and HTTP ERROR 500

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Hi, In full disclosure, I send a trouble ticket on this to Inmotion but I’d like to learn how to fix this since it affects so many of my websites. That being said, I’ve been in Inmotion about six years and they have great support, I just want to understand this issue.

I’m trying to update my php from 5.6 to 7.0 + but after I update the php, my website(s) gives me this error message.

This page is not working

Website name is currently unable to handle the request


When I download the php the website works fine.

I have several websites on my VPS hosting and some will update while others won’t. I update weekly so I know everything is up to date plus I double check that. I’ve tried disabling plugins and theme but still get the same issue. I’ve tried researching the issue but really not sure what to do. Could someone please give me some advice.

Thank you


If you get this issue after clearing browser, website, and server caches, the issue is usually that a plugin, theme, or other feature is dependent on a specific PHP version. Many times, you can check server logs for clues on why errors are showing.