Setup subdomain on different server than the domain resides on

dschumacher@saai.com 2 years ago in Server / General Server Setup 0
My company host two website on different Inmotion hosting servers. One of the servers is a VPS and I would like to add a subdomain of the domain hosted on it to the other server, which is dedicated.
An "A" record for the subdomain has been added to the DNS in Network Solutions that points to the IP address of the dedicated server. It's easy to setup a subdomain for the existing domain on the server,
but it's not clear what needs to be done to setup a subdomain for a the domain that does not exist on the server. Through research I've come across the following potential solutions.

1) Add an account for the subdomain's domain in WHM.
2) Use the "Addon domains" option in cPanel.
3) Add sub-domains as virtual host in Apache.

Any assistance you could provide would be appreciated.

Thank you for posting your question regarding adding a subdomain of another domain hosted on one server, to another server. You should only need to complete the first step in order to have that work. Since you are already pointing the DNS over (through the A record for the subdomain), the configuration of the cPanel account using the subdomain is all that is needed.

I hope this helps!
Carlos D.