Map my 'SquareSpace' Domain to 'InMotion' Hosted Site

  • Answered
I need to map my 'SquareSpace' domain to my 'inmotion' hosted site.
How do I do this?

Hello asjruk, Thank you for your question regarding mapping a SquareSpace domain to InMotion. You can point an 'A record' to your shared IP address. This will route your website traffic to your InMotion hosting server/site. Alternately, You can use SquareSpace's advanced DNS settings to point to InMotion's nameservers, this allows you to host your DNS with us and make DNS changes in your cPanel going forward. Keep in mind, with this method you will have to recreate your MX records for Google to continue hosting your email. This is covered in our guide on How to Use Google Apps to Host Your Mail. Thank you, John-Paul