Global Filter Junk Folder Doesn't Work

  • Answered
When I set certain emails to go to 'Junk' on the Global Filters, the emails are removed completely and can't be traced. I was hoping they would go the the 'junk' folder on each account/PC. How can I rectify this issue?
Hello AlecPotter, Thank you for your question regarding issues with the global filter. When you create the user level filter, ensure it is set to "Deliver to folder". Then set the folder name to "Junk". If you are using POP, the "Junk" folder should appear once you receive a spam email. If you are using IMAP ensure you are subscribed to the Junk Folder. If your problems persist, I recommend reviewing the mail logs for records of the missing email transmissions. If you are on a shared server Live Support can help you review the logs for missing emails. Thank you, John-Paul