How to enter Javascipt code in BoldGrid

  • Answered
There are affiliate networks that give their affiliates enter a code in their footer which is in javascript in order for the network to test site, monitor sales, etc, as well as for the affiliate to be able to use HTML or javascript codes for products to place on their pages. Where do you enter the JavaScript code which would go in the footer but there are also times it would be used in the content portion of site or blog page just like HTML code will be used.
Hello, Thanks for your question about how to enter Javascript code on your BoldGrid site. BoldGrid provides custom code editors which you can use place Javascript that will run on the site. As far as placement of the scripts and when they will be called, it depends on the script itself. It is usually best to insert scripts lower down in the document to make sure the nodes they are meant to affect are fully loaded in the browser. That being said, it is always best to check with the developer, but I believe it is safe to start by adding your codes to the custom code editor in BoldGrid and see if they behave properly. Best, Christopher M.